Frequently Asked Questions

My Garage Door Won't Open? What Do I Do?

If your door is "stuck" and won't open or close, there are some simple DIY fixes you can do such as checking to see if the photo eye is blocked, ensuring the power is connected, and checking for remote control malfunction. If you're still having issues, call a professional to determine the cause of the problem and repair it.

Does My Garage Door Require Maintenance?

Depending on the type of door you have, there are several steps we recommend to keep your door looking and functioning it's best for years to come. To keep weather stripping pliable, clean and lubricate it every 2-3 months. Rollers should be inspected every 6 months and should be replaced when you notice deterioration. Painted doors, specifically those that endure the harsh weather in Minnesota, will need to be repainted every few years to keep their clean polished look and to protect from the elements.

Which Door Style Is Right For Me?

With so many options to choose from, selecting a new garage door can be an overwhelming task. At Custom Door Sales, we offer a wide range of styles designed to meet your unique needs.

Traditional Style Garage Door: Interested in a clean, classic look? With raised panels in a variety of customizable styles, you can make this widely popular option all your own and tailor it to match the aesthetic of your home.

Aluminum Style Garage Door: Looking for a contemporary option? With a sleek design featuring clean lines, aluminum doors provide durability and style. These doors are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Carriage Style: Want a rustic look with classic elegance? Carriage house doors expertly pair style and function. With wood and steel options, you're guaranteed a unique look with all of the traditional features you'll need.Interested in something else? We offer fully customized door options designed just for you! Give us a call today to learn more.

Why Do I Need A Garage Door Opener?

In addition to convenience, garage door openers also provide safety and security for your home. With lighted entry and remote access, you know your family is protected.

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